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Other Query Parameters

In this section, you will find additional query settings that can be applied to one or all query types.


  • Custom Selection Source: If you want to include specific post/term/user IDs here you can select how to include those IDs. Currently, there are three options available manual, custom field, and gallery.
  • Custom Field Name: Select the custom field that holds the IDs of the post/term/user you want to include.
  • Gallery IDs: Select the media images you want to include.
  • Posts/Terms/Users IDs:  Enter a comma separate string of IDs you want to limit the query to.
  • Include/Exclude IDs: Choose to include or exclude the IDs from the query.
  • Ignore Sticky Posts: Do not move sticky posts to the start of the results.
  • Post Authors: Show posts associated with these authors. Leave blank to include all authors.
  • Include or Exclude Authors: Choose to include or exclude posts from the authors you have selected.
  • Post Mime Types: Show posts associated with these mime types. See WP Documentation.
  • Search: Search criteria to match posts/terms/users. See WP documentation for posts, users, and terms.
  • Use Search URL Parameter: Activate this option to restrict the query by searching for the search URL parameter. This option will make the module load the results of a search page.


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