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This plugin is an incredibly useful extension of the Divi theme created by Elegant Themes. If you’re looking for a way to create customized queries for various types of content, then this tool is definitely worth checking out. With its intuitive visual builder module, you can easily get data on post types such as posts, pages, and custom types. Additionally, you can also use it to retrieve WordPress users and taxonomy terms like categories, tags, and custom terms.

WordPress queries are powerful tools that enable developers to fetch specific information from the WordPress database using different parameters. However, modifying WordPress queries can be quite a daunting task for website owners who don’t have the technical expertise. That’s where our extension comes in and simplifies complex database requests and helps website owners curate their posts for each visitor.

Our plugin is designed to give Divi users the same power as developers in modifying WordPress queries. With our module website owners can easily curate their posts for each visitor without requiring any technical expertise. Our plugin gives you the power to customize your content, making it easier to create a more personalized experience for your visitors.

Main Features


  • Posts, pages, media & any post type to get data from post base types like posts, pages, projects, and products.
  • Categories, tags & any taxonomy terms to get data from taxonomy terms like categories, tags, and custom taxonomy terms from any post type.
  • Users to retrieve data from your site users.
  • Current singular or archive page to get post data from the current or archive page. To use it on archive pages, place the module on the template you need within the Divi Theme Builder.


There is support within the module settings to create custom taxonomies queries, which are very useful if you need to, for example, get posts that belong to specific categories or tags or ignore posts from certain tags. The module can use any custom taxonomy registered for any custom post type.

Meta (Custom Fields)

The module also supports meta or custom field queries. These are extremely useful if you need to retrieve posts, users, or terms based on custom field values. The module has options to display the value of WordPress natively supports custom fields or adds via plugins like Advanced Custom Fields.

Elements Display

  • Show feature image, title, terms, excerpt, and link are available options for the post-based type.
  • For users, you can show the avatar, display name, bio, author archive page link, website link, and mail.
  • For taxonomy terms, it is possible to display the name, description, and archive page link.

Custom Fields Elements

Our module also supports custom field data display. Compatible with Advanced Custom Field for the basic and content field types offered on that plugin. You can display your images and galleries from ACF directly on our module.

Finally, other arguments per type are also part of our module, for example:

  • Get posts by authors.
  • Get attachments by post-mime types.
  • Get users, terms, or posts by search keywords.
  • Ignore the sticky posts.

We are continually expanding the support of WP queries within our module. Our module also comes with basic layouts, backgrounds, borders, and elements font design options that we are currently expanding on.

In conclusion, our extension is a must-have tool for anyone looking to create customized queries for their WordPress Divi theme-based website. Its intuitive visual builder module, along with its powerful capabilities, make it a valuable asset for website owners who want to curate their posts for each visitor.

See complete documentation here: Divi Query Builder

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