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Divi Query Builder Post Arguments

The Divi Query Builder is a plugin for the Divi theme. It features a module that is compatible with the Visual Builder and allows users to create custom queries for various types of content, such as posts, pages, WordPress users, custom types, and taxonomy terms. For website owners who are not technically skilled, modifying WordPress queries can be a challenging task. Our extension simplifies complex database requests, making it easier to customize content and create a more personalized experience for visitors.

Main Features

Query Types – Create your custom loops.

  • Posts, pages, media & any post type to get data from post base types like posts, pages, projects, and products.
  • Categories, tags & any taxonomy terms to get data from taxonomy terms like categories, tags, and custom taxonomy terms from any post type.
  • Users to retrieve data from your site users.
  • Current singular or archive page to get post data from the current or archive page. To use it on archive pages, place the module on the template you need within the Divi Theme Builder.

Taxonomies (Categories, Tags, and Custom Taxonomies)

There is support within the module settings to create custom taxonomies queries, which are very useful if you need to, for example, get posts that belong to specific categories or tags or ignore posts from certain tags. The module can use any custom taxonomy registered for any custom post type.

Post Meta (Custom Fields)

The module also supports meta or custom field queries. These are extremely useful if you need to retrieve posts, users, or terms based on custom field values.

Date Query

Easily create date based queries to display post data from specific timeframes.

Elements Data Display

  • Show feature image, title, terms, excerpt, and link are available options for the post-based type.
  • For WooCommerce products it is possible to additionally show SKU, price, stock status, and cart button.
  • For users, you can show the avatar, display name, bio, author archive page link, website link, and mail.
  • For taxonomy terms, it is possible to display the name, description, and archive page link.

Custom Fields Elements Display

Our module also supports custom field data display. Compatible with Advanced Custom Field for the basic and content field types offered on that plugin. You can display your images and galleries from ACF directly on our module.


Pagination is supported too, currently, URL and JS-based page buttons and previous/next links are the methods available. AJAX pagination methods coming soon.

Multiple Layouts

You can display the items using several layouts CSS Grid, Masonry, Carousel, List, and Fullwidth.

Other Query Arguments

Finally, other arguments per type are also part of our module, for example:

  • Get posts by authors.
  • Get attachments by post-mime types.
  • Get users, terms, or posts by search keywords.
  • Ignore the sticky posts.

We are continually expanding the support of WP queries within our module. Our module also comes with basic layouts, backgrounds, borders, and elements font design options that we are currently expanding on.

In conclusion, our extension is a must-have tool for anyone looking to create customized queries for their WordPress Divi theme-based website. Its intuitive visual builder module, along with its powerful capabilities, make it a valuable asset for website owners who want to curate their posts for each visitor.

The following reviews are from the Elegant Themes marketplace see all here

Wow! The best support I’ve ever experienced. I contacted the plugin support team to ask if it was capable of certain functions. They replied really fast and added the functions for me within just a few hours. The query builder was great anyway but now it has exactly the features I want for my website. I have been able to create one single Divi template for all product categories in my WooCommerce shop and have dynamic sub-menus that show child categories if they exist and otherwise show sibling categories. It has saved me from making many near-identical templates. Thank you so much.


The Divi query builder is exactly what my team was looking for to showcase content from specific tags on our homepage and various landing pages on our site. When we had questions, I jumped into Divi Coding’s discord and got immediate help directly from the developer as well as some more advanced code snippets to assist with features that he was still working on until the new version comes out! Excellent plugin, excellent customer service!



  • Very impressed!

    It is rare for me to leave reviews, but it is also rare to experience this level of support! I was running into a bit of a wall with my project. Asked a few questions and the support was not only fast, but extremely helpful!
    I will be upgrading to the lifetime license because these guys have gained my trust and respect. In my opinion, over and above what might be expected. We need more developers around like this. The Divi Query Builder plugin really save my project! Great company!

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    See Changelog

    = 1.1.1 – 07-05-2024 =
    – Fix multiple bugs with the current query type option

    = 1.1.0 – 04-05-2024 =
    – Added timeline layout
    – Added option to show Divi layouts on post-query items
    – Added custom field as an option for post IDs custom selection source
    – Improve enqueue of module css and js
    – Fix order by hierarchy on terms archive query
    – Fix MiniMasonry conflict with Desandro Masonry layout

    = 1.0.9 – 22-04-2024 =
    – Added Desandro Masonry layout
    – Fix pagination bugs

    = 1.0.8 – 15-04-2024 =
    – Added option to reorder post/term/user elements on the items card
    – Added support for order by custom field
    – Added gallery IDs as an option for post IDs custom selection source
    – Added scroll to the top for JS-based pagination

    = 1.0.7 – 26-03-2024 =
    – Added option to disable link on post terms
    – Added ability to show post terms in taxonomy groups
    – Added image overlay
    – Added lightbox and gallery actions
    – Added javascript-based pagination
    – Added hierarchical order for terms
    – Added option to set prefix/suffix for custom fields

    = 1.0.6 – 26-02-2024 =
    – Added support for WooCommerce elements
    – Added support for date query
    – Added support for URL search parameter
    – Improve the compatibility of the current query with the search results page
    – Other fixes and improvements

    = 1.0.5 – 03-02-2024 =
    – Added remove current post option
    – Added mime option for all files of the same type
    – Added terms query options to show children and or siblings terms on archive pages
    – Added option to add a link in terms name to the archive page
    – Added option to disable title headings
    – Added show comment count
    – Added show date
    – Added show author
    – Added show terms separator
    – Added debug info option
    – Added offset
    – Added option to include/exclude specific posts/terms/user IDs

    = 1.0.4 – 25-12-2023 =
    – Added pagination methods numbered buttons and next/previous links
    – Added image size option

    = 1.0.3 – 25-11-2023 =
    – Added masonry, carousel, fullwidth, and list layouts
    – Added support for custom URL via custom field
    – Added parent term query argument
    – Added support for woo category term image
    – Added post title option
    – Added WPML support

    = 1.0.2 – 10-11-2023 =
    – Added meta query builder field

    = 1.0.1 – 5-11-2023 =
    – Added tax query builder field
    – Added support for ACF content type fields
    – Added support for query mime types

    = 1.0.0 – 31-10-2023 =
    – Initial Release

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