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Custom Field Elements

The current version supports native custom fields and ACF basic custom fields.

  • Show Custom Fields: Show/hide the post/term/user custom fields.
  • Custom Fields: Select the custom fields you want to show. You can drag and drop the fields to reorder them. And click the field to copy his name, in case you need to use it on the Prefix/Suffix option below.
  • ACF Field HTML: Activate this option to render non-basic ACF fields instead of getting the raw values. Support is limited to image, gallery, and file type as version 1.0.8.
  • Fields Prefix/Suffix: Use this field to add prefixes and suffixes for the custom fields selected above. Use |CUSTOM_FIELD_NAME| where you want the field value to appear, to get the custom field name click on the field tag on the option above and the name will be copied to the clipboard so you can paste it here. USE || to separate prefixes/suffixes of different custom fields.

Example of use for prefix/suffix option:

TEXT: |acf_text| || NUMBER: |acf_number| || EXCERPT: |acf_textarea| ||


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