Query Builder – Update 1.0.5 – Divi Categories, Tags and Terms Archive

by | Feb 17, 2024 | Plugin Update | 0 comments

A new release for our Divi Query Builder plugin is now live. This update brings the following features:

  1. You can now remove the current post from the query, this is useful for using the module in singular post/custom post pages.
  2. Added mime options for all files of the same type, so now you can select to query all image, video, document, and audio types.
  3. Added terms query options to show children and or siblings terms on archive pages so that you can build terms navigation on the categories, tags, and terms archive pages
  4. Added option to add a link in terms name to the archive page.
  5. Added option to disable title headings.
  6. Added show comment count, date, author, and terms separator metadata for the post query type.
  7. Added debug info option to make it easier to debug the query.
  8. Added offset support to all query types.
  9. Added option to include/exclude specific posts/terms/users by using ids.

Read all documentation here Divi Query Builder.


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