Query Builder – Update 1.0.1 – Divi Taxonomy Queries

by | Nov 5, 2023 | Plugin Update | 0 comments

A new release for our Divi Query Builder plugin is now live. This update bring the following features:

  1. Added tax query builder field. Now it is possible to use any terms of any public taxonomy to restrict your query results. You can create a relationship with our custom interface to, for example, show posts from categories (A, B, or C) that also have tags (X, Y).
  2. Added support for ACF content type fields. From the module you can now select ACF custom field to display his content, initial support is limited to ACF Basic and Content Fields.
  3. Added post-query mime types support. Mime types are the type of attachment that are stored on the WordPress library and now you can use it to restrict the query results. Example: retrieve only (png) images or PDFs.

Read all documentation here Divi Query Builder.


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