Divi Query Builder WPML Compatibility

by | Nov 29, 2023 | Tutorials | 0 comments

Since version 1.0.3 our module has full compatibility with WPML. Hardcode text fields of our module are been registered for WPML translation via the wpml-config.xml file.

Once you need to translate a post or page where our module is present, you will see the text fields on the WPML Translation Editor under the ctdqb_query_builder prefix. This method will work if you change our default text as Divi doesn’t include default values on the modules shortcodes.

If you then need to translate our default texts that is also possible via the WPML -> Themes & Plugins Localization -> Strings in the plugins, select the Divi Query Builder option and then hit the button “Scan selected plugins for strings”, once it is done click on the “ct-dqb” text domain, that should take you to the WPML -> String Translations screen where you can add translations for each one of our default strings.


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