Divi Media Gallery

Divi Media Gallery Plugin

Current Version: 1.2.0
Last Updated: 11-13-2021

This plugin includes one custom Divi Builder extension that will allow you to easily display items from the WordPress media library. It works with any type of item in the library: image, video, audio, and documents.

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  • Licensing covers support and automatic plugin updates.
  • The plugin will continue working if the license is not renewed for annual plans.
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Main Features

Query the media items by type or include specific media items. It also supports custom fields as the source for the media items.

Display media metadata (title, caption, description, file size, dimensions, artists, album, length) in the grid and/or the lightbox.

Multiple layout options. Display the items in a masonry, grid, carousel, or list layout.

Play video and audio media items inside the grid and/or lightbox.

Ability to filter items on the grid by the media taxonomy terms. Multiselect filters are also possible.

Include pagination option to work along with the filters for all layouts types.

Customers Reviews

Great plugin, Great service
The world of Divi has very limited choices when it comes audio players. I was after a plugin to present a large number of audio tracks and allow the user to filter them by category. Divi MultiMedia Grid did the job exactly. No coding, no special requirements, no learning curve. Best of all their support team were able to update the plug-in to incorporate a couple of important features I felt were missing. Brilliant!!
Read Changelog
v 1.2.0 ( 11-13-2021 )
– Added carousel layout
– Added pagination
– Added thumbnail size selection for image media type
– Improve compatibility with new Divi Icons update

v 1.1.7 ( 9-18-2021 )
– Improve masonry initialization
– Fixed the filtering not working when items on the grid has no terms set

v 1.1.6 ( 9-9-2021 )
– Added option to use featured image as video poster
– Fixed action button gallery and lightbox options

v 1.1.5 ( 8-18-2021 )
– Fixed for Divi Performance Update

v 1.1.4 ( 6-8-2021 )
– Added option to allow define the preload attribute for videos on the grid
– Fixed to display all posts by default when dynamic content is active

v 1.1.3 ( 4-18-2021 )
– Fixed the number of media displayed on the grid when the media items option is set
– Fixed Visual Builder loader and overlay icon styles

v 1.1.2 ( 4-16-2021 )
– Added option to allow selection of multiple buttons for filterable functionality
– Added option to load content from a dynamic source

v 1.1.1 ( 4-9-2021 )
– Added font styles, border, and background color options for filter buttons
– Added option to define the All text for each taxonomy level of filter buttons

v 1.1.0 ( 4-4-2021 )
– Added lightbox gallery functionality
– Added option to display lightbox documents using Google or Office online viewers
– Added option to control autoplay of audio and videos on the lightbox
– Added option to show an overlay on item hover
– Added overlay click actions

v 1.0.4 ( 4-1-2021 )
– Added option to show media (title, caption, and/or description) on the lightbox

v 1.0.3 ( 3-16-2021 )
– Fixed masonry layout when the media object is set off
– Fixed popup responsive styles

v 1.0.2 ( 2-21-2021 )
– Added filterable functionality (by media taxonomy terms)

v 1.0.1 ( 2-11-2021 )
– Added WPML compatibility
– Fixed and minify admin styles

v 1.0.0 ( 1-23-2021 )
– Initial release

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