Divi Media Gallery WPML compatible

Apr 14, 2021 | Divi Media Gallery, Tutorials | 0 comments

Divi Multimedia Grid WPML

If you are using WPML to translate your Divi site and wondering if our Divi Media Gallery extension is compatible with WMPL no need to worry, we have worked closely with the WPML team to make our module fully compatible with the WPML Translation Editor.

Once you have added our module to any page/post, finished the styles and content changes, and you are ready to start your translation, just go as usual and click on the Edit the translation WPML button.

Our module will show on the WPML Translation Editor interface the module options that need a translation. As current version 1.1.1, that includes the grid header content, the action button text, and the filter buttons All texts. You will want to complete the translation for each one, for that just click on the Click to edit translation button that will show on the target section of the WPML Translation Editor interface.

And that’s it. Now you will have our module fully translated.

Update: If default values for translatable options on our modules don’t show is due that the Divi shortcodes don’t include the default values of attributes and WPML can’t detect those, in this case scan the plugin strings on WPML -> Theme and plugins localization -> Strings in the plugins section, then search for the default string value under the text domain “dcmg-divicoding-media-grid” on WPML -> String translation.


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